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Serving Boards For Presentation And Taste

How To Use Serving Boards To Make Your Food Taste Better

I know it sounds a little bizarre but serving boards can make a huge difference in how your food tastes. Bear with me for a minute and I’ll explain.  Food engages at least four out of our 5 senses – smell, taste, touch (texture) and sight.  Of course smell, taste and texture come to mind first with food, but don’t discount the importance of sight.  Sight is often the first of the senses that food triggers and many studies show that the way you present your food can make a big impact!  A visually appealing presentation makes food more enjoyable to eat and actually makes it taste better.

Serving boards will give you an impressive spread on your table without a lot of extra time and effort.  You already put so much time and effort into the preparation of food for your friends or family.  Make sure you have a fantastic presentation to show it off!

Instead of settling for this:

Plain, boring food presentation

Appeal to all of the senses with this:

Mayfield Modern's Turtle Tray Serving Board

About Mayfield Modern’s Serving Boards and Charcuterie Trays

Modern Turtle Serving Tray by Mayfield Modern
Modern Turtle Serving Board by Mayfield Modern

Mayfield Modern‘s serving boards and charcuterie trays feature solid wood cut to precision, sanded and finished by hand in our central Texas shop. Our strict quality standards and exquisite craftsmanship result in a product worthy of passing down for generations.

The serving board shown in this example is the Modern Turtle Tray which as the name implies, resembles a turtle’s shell.  It is made from solid black walnut from Missouri which can vary a bit in color from medium to very dark brown and is always beautiful.  The Modern Turtle design brings out the gorgeous characteristic grain of the black walnut and provides several functional sections for food and the 16 inch diameter gives you plenty of space to serve meats, cheeses or hors d’oeuvres to a crowd.

Our serving boards and charcuterie trays make great gifts and look great when displayed in the kitchen!